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Excellent marketing opportunities

Integrate global market resources, provide all-round pre-exhibition, in-exhibition and post-exhibition marketing promotion opportunities for exhibitors through exhibition platforms, media, DM promotional publications, e-commerce, SMS platforms, industry associations and other marketing channels, and provide the most direct and efficient platform for exhibitors to enhance product influence, expand product exposure and directly aim at the target customers

Promote more than 100, 000 high-level enterprises at home and abroad through printed materials and websites, electronic communications and other channels, so as to increase the visibility of your enterprise and help enterprises marketing the best opportunity.

Live advertising and print: promote and expand your booth to more than 36,000 professional audiences, buyers and agents at home and abroad with prominent billboards, printed advertisements and venue sponsorship.

Event sponsorship: establish a good brand image and further improve the visibility of the enterprise through the sponsorship of on-site activities.

Make your target customers review the past and know something new about your company, stabilize your trade show orders and increase your return rate on exhibition through presswork and electronic news flash.

Except for its own brand promotion and audience organization, China International Boat Show will also be able to customize a series of marketing programs for you, including target customer invitations, sponsorship of simultaneous meetings, on-site advertising and so on, to form a joint force with the exhibition promotion, which will help you more effectively retain target customer base and enhance the brand image of the company and products.

An industry comprehensive B2B website that gathers cultural tourism, boats, lifestyles, and health, providing both suppliers and buyers with all-weather services that are not restricted by time and space, and are perfectly integrated online and offline.

At the same time, it shares big data of millions of audiences in 160 countries with Through the application of Internet technology, it integrates display, docking, negotiation and interaction to provide enterprises with professional information services and create more profitable business opportunities.

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