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Shanghai International Lure Fishing Show 2023

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Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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Shanghai International Lure Fishing Show is the only interactive exhibition with the theme of Lure Fishing in China. It expands rapidly every year, with extraordinary innovation and thematic leadership. The 3rd Lure Fishing Exhibition in 2021 integrates many aspects such as star interaction, product experience, business negotiation, cultural communication and event publicity, attracting a large number of professionals to watch and learn, making the fans of all walks of life enjoy themselves and become Lure Fishing people’s annual grand gathering. More importantly, organizers continue to increase the promotion in the incremental market, so more and more people understand what is the Lure fishing, and they participate in the campaign, which brings new blood into the industry.

The 3rd Shanghai International Lure Fishing Show ended at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in 2021. The exhibition attracted more than 70 domestic and international Lure brands and more than 150 domestic and international Lure cafes to interact with fans, with an audience of 37,000 at home and abroad.



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