Tree-hanging TreePod Canopy combines a cabana with a hammock

The TreePod Canopy is presently on KickstarterTreePod

Four years ago we told you about the TreePod Camper, a fully-enclosed tent that hangs from a tree like a Christmas ornament. The Colorado-based TreePod company is now offering an open-sided alternative, in the form of the Canopy.
Whereas the Camper featured solid fabric walls, a rectangular footprint, and stabilizing cords that ran from each corner to a stake in the ground, the Canopy has five large openings, it’s round, and it’s free to spin – but hopefully not too fast. The company describes it as a cabana/hammock hybrid.

Users start by attaching an included hanging rope to the top of the limp Canopy, then looping that rope over a sturdy tree branch (or other “hanging spot”) and pulling the Canopy up to the desired height. They then insert an included set of tent-style steel tensioning poles into the Canopy’s UV-resistant canvas body, zip a disc-shaped canvas base onto the bottom of that body,

The TreePod Canopy is being offered in a choice of four canvas colorsTreePod

The fully assembled Canopy can subsequently support a total load of up to 500 lb (227 kg) – although the same may not be true for whatever it’s hanging from – protecting its occupants from the sun while still allowing them to enjoy the breeze. According to TreePod, the entire setup process takes only about five minutes.

The Treepod Canopy is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where it’s being offered in large and small models – both are 6 feet tall (1.8 m), with the former having a base diameter of 7.5 ft (2.3 m) and the latter coming in at 6 feet. Assuming they reach production, a pledge of US$375 will get you a large, and $255 will get you a small.

They’re available in four canvas colors, with optional extras including inflatable mattresses, bug netting for the openings, a ground anchor, and a metal stand to take the place of a tree.

You can see the Canopy in use, in the following video. And for a considerably smaller take on the same idea, check out the Cacoon.

TreePod Canopy

Source: Kickstarter