Scooterson rides out fat-tire Rolley+ smart e-scooter

We’ve seen a number of fat tire electric scooters over the years, such as the Scrooser and Phatty, but the similar-looking Scooterson Rolley+ is claimed to be more feature-packed and smarter than the rest, as well as being easy to ride.

Currently raising production funds on Indiegogo, the Rolley+ rocks an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy chassis coupled with a carbon-reinforced polymer body, features a single padded seat above the rear fender, and rides on custom 200/30-11 Kenda tires.
A 750-W geared hub motor produces 80 Nm (59 lb.ft) of torque and zips the e-scoot up to an electronically limited top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), while a 750-Wh removable battery is reckoned good for up to 30 miles (48 km) of per-charge range, with a full recharge taking around three hours. Stopping power comes from disc braking front and back, and the adaptive headlight will automatically come on when needed.

Scooterson has cooked in some AI smarts that can automatically make acceleration adjustments as you motor along, give you suggestions on how to get the best from your ride, and more. A companion mobile app running on a smartphone clamped to the handlebar serves as a virtual scooter dash, connecting to the Rolley+ over Bluetooth or LTE, and can be used to dial in four levels of motor assist.

The e-scooter is unlocked using the phone/app combo as a wireless key, or via facial recognition. Front and rear lighting can be turned on or off through the app too, the rider can receive notifications when the battery is getting low, or if someone tampers with or tries to make off with their ride, there’s a Find My Scooter feature that shows the location of your e-scoot on a map, and the Rolley+ can even be shared with authorized family and friends.
Scooterson says that the development and prototyping stages have now been completed, and a short manufacturing run has already taken place. Indiegogo pledges for the first mass production units start at US$2,390 and, if all goes to plan, shipping to backers is estimated to start in May 2022. The video below has more.
Source: Scooterson