Supski turns stand-up paddleboarders into skiers – or rowers

Using a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is definitely a great form of exercise, although the ways in which a typical board can be paddled are somewhat limited. The Supski is different, in that it offers multiple paddling styles to work multiple muscle groups.
Invented by Texas-based entrepreneur Guy Chaifetz, the Supski setup consists of a fairly normal-looking inflatable SUP, along with a paddling kit which the user installs and removes via Velcro connectors. That kit includes adjustable-length poles that have rotating hand grips on one end, and that are joined to rotating paddles via a universal joint on the other. Those paddles are in turn mounted on rails, so they can independently slide lengthwise along either side of the SUP deck.
This arrangement allows the user to propel the board in a number of ways, such as by rowing it while sitting or kneeling – facing forward or backward – or by standing up and pushing back with the poles like a cross-country skier. Additionally, the paddles can be pushed/pulled together in unison, or in an alternating left/right pattern.

And yes, the system does also come with a regular SUP paddle, for traditional stand-up paddling. The kit reportedly can be retrofitted onto existing third-party boards, although some modifications will be required – users are advised to check first with a paddleboard or surfboard specialist.
Should you be interested, the Supski is presently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$669 will get you a complete setup that includes a 10.5-ft (3.2-m) board – the planned retail price is $899. Two longer boards are also available, for higher pledges.
Source: Indiegogo